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2010-11-30 00:37:14 by TheNekrokingProject

hey just send me some ideas for some metal songs. I specialize in doing Death Metal and Grindcore!!!
DO IT!!!!!


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2010-11-30 05:46:44

dude i love your material personally i am also a rabid death metal fan so could you like make something that sounds a bit like cannibal corpse and bloodbath combined will be awesome if u do man

TheNekrokingProject responds:

hmmmmmm, I like that idea. Ill see what I can pull off, and THANK YOU!!!


2011-02-01 23:52:04

I just got into Nile. the solo's may be impossible, but their melodies are fantastic. One song in particular that i like is "As he creates, so he destroys". the big thing i picked up on there was the ascending slides in between chugs, almost like a chain-saw being revved up. Just a thought.

TheNekrokingProject responds:

lol I love Nile. They are definetly a bit out of my reach lol Ill see what I can pull out of my ass.